Best Gifts for Readers

With the holidays just around the corner, we've compiled some of our favorite gifts for the readers in your life because sometimes a book just seems so impersonal. And, let's not kid ourselves, we might just have to buy some of these for ourselves!

just one more chapter

Just One More Chapter

Who doesn't like pillows? The Just One More Chapter pillow was one of my favorite gifts from last year. Readers can use it as decoration on their favorite chair or to prop their head up while reading on a hammock. This gift is available on Amazon for just under $20.00.

freds fingerprint bookmark

Fingerprint Bookmark

For the readers who always seem to lose their place in the book and never seem to have a bookmark, this rubber bookmark fits around the book and holds your place while even marking the last line you read. If you have any pets in the family that like to eat plastic or rubber bands, make sure you keep this out of their reach when not in use. My cat chewed mine in half! The fingerprint bookmark can be found on Amazon for various prices.

Runner Bookends

For those like me who not only love reading, but love to run as well, these bookends are perfect for the running bibliophiles in your life. This Courage to Start, Strength to Endure, Resolve to Finish bookends can be found online from various retailers including Gone For A Run.

Library Book Tote Bag

This tote bag is the perfect gift for bibliophiles who utilize their local library to check out books. The design features the old fashioned system of checking out library books with the borrower's name and the due date. This system is now obselete with technology ever evolving but should give those who remember what these were used for a nostalgic moment. This tote bag is a steal for just $20.00 at UncommonGoods.

Novel Teas

For those who love to settle down with a great book and a mug of tea, these tea bags are perfect for readers. The English Breakfast tea bags come in a quantity of 25 with each one tagged with quotes from beloved authors. The tea is grown and packed in Sri Lanka. Available online for a mere $12.50 from UncommonGoods.

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