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Take Me Back Tuesday: Falling in Love Again by Barbara Conklin

Has a book ever made such an impact on you while growing up that you desperately wanted a sequel? P.S. I Love You (Sweet Dreams, # 1) by Barbara Conklin was one of those books for me. I recently checked out the reviews of this particular book on, and much to my surprise, a couple of people mentioned that there was a sequel. 
I immediately started looking for Falling In Love Again (Sweet Dreams, # 23) by Barbara Conklin on and as these are my go to sites for used books. Both sites said that they were temporarily out of stock, which was the second time I had received a message like this when looking for a used book, and I was starting to panic because I really wanted to know what happened. 
Then, I remembered I had bought a few used books from I searched their site, and couldn't find the book at first. I changed my search parameters and three copies were available. All three of their copies were only in acceptable conditio…