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Wicked Good . . . Boston

There are many places throughout the United States that are steeped in history and worth visiting, but one of my favorite historic cities to visit is Boston, Massachusetts. With so much to do in Boston, I've listed some of the must see places during your stay. Old Town Trolley Tours .   One of the best trolley tours in Boston with narration by the trolley driver. There are 20 stops including Paul Revere's House, Faneuil Hall, Cheers, Copley Square, State House, and so much more. Get on and off the trolley as many times as you like to further investigate the sites. Don't want to get off at any of the stops? The tour takes approximately two hours from start to finish if you stay on the trolley the entire time. Union Oyster House .   One of the most famous seafood restaurants in the city, many famous people frequented the Union Oyster House including JFK. You may luck out and get to sit in his favorite booth! John F. Kennedy Library & Museum   Situated by th