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Are you looking for an age appropriate book for your child, tween, or teen to read? Read some reviews on books targeting children, tweens, and young adults by clicking on the book title below. Please make sure the content is appropriate for your children before letting them read it.

Conklin, Barbara
    Falling In Love Again (Sweet Dreams, # 23)

Downing Hahn, Mary
    The Time of the Witch

Green, Yvonne
    Cover Girl (Sweet Dreams, # 9)
    Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, # 5)

Paschal, Francine
    Second Best (Sweet Valley Twins #16)
    Teamwork (Sweet Valley Twins, # 27)

Quin-Harkin, Janet
    California Girl (Sweet Dreams, # 6)

Riggs, Ransom
    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Stine, R.L.
    Beach House

Tankersley Cusick, Richie
    Trick or Treat

Vail, Virginia
    Horseback Summer (Horse Crazy # 1)

Vernon, Rosemary
    The Popularity Plan (Sweet Dreams, # 2) 


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