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Top 10 Young Adult Series

As a child, I was never an avid reader, but it was never because I didn't want to be one. It was due to the fact that all the books that teachers and the school librarian would recommend to me were just boring and didn't hold my interest. It wasn't until I was 10 that I became an avid reader, and it started with the Sweet Valley Twins  series followed by the Babysitter's Club  series and Nancy Drew . In middle school, I began reading young adult novels . . . everything from teen romance to horror to books featuring kids/teens with life threatening diseases. Do you have a child or teenager who isn't interested in reading books? Try one of these book series or trilogies that made my top ten list for young adults. In no particular order, below are the Young Adult Book Series and Trilogies that have stood the test of time. Secret Diaries  by Janice Harrell Joanna decides to move in with her father after her parents divorce. New to town, she's determin