Product Review: Pureology Professional Color Care Hydrate Soft, Softening Treatment

Approximately one month ago, I went out to my mailbox to get my mail in and was completely surprised that I had received a VoxBox from Excited to find out what I received, I hurried back into my house to open the package.

Much to my surprise and delight, I received a tube of Pureology Professional Color Care Hydrate Soft, Softening Treatment. It came in a rose scent, which I was a bit leery about. However, I was delightfully surprised. It is lightly scented and nice smelling, so those who are anxious about the scent being too overpowering needn't worry. I love the fact that the scent smelled very natural and not fake at all.

Product Review Pureology Professional Color Care Hydrate Soft
Even though the softening treatment is called a mask on the packaging, it's really just an extremely thick conditioner that rinses out easily. My hair tangles easily, but it didn't with this product, and it was very easy to brush my hair out while it was still wet. While drying it, it remained tangle free, which was a nice change.

The Pureology Professional Color Care Hydrate Soft, Softening Treatment is lightweight. I was worried about it making my hair look greasy or oily, but it didn't. My hair was left looking super clean. After drying my hair after using the treatment, my hair felt silky soft and looks much healthier. I no longer have scraggly ends.

I gave this product five out five stars and definitely recommend Pureology Professional Color Care Hydrate Soft, Softening Treatment to other people. I definitely am going to try other products by Pureology because I was so impressed with the way my hair looks and feels. I received this product from for free for my honest review.

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