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Book Review: Santa's Countdown to Christmas, 24 Days of Stories by Kim Thompson, Illustrated by Elodie Duhameau

Santa's Countdown to Christmas by Kim Thompson, Illustrated by Elodie Duhameau was published on October 2, 2017 and is a book format of an advent calendar.  Told from the perspective of Santa Claus, the storyline chronicles what Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer do in preparation of Christmas on each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. I'd like to thank NetGalley and Crackboom! Books for giving me a copy of Santa's Countdown to Christmas in exchange for my honest review.  I was thrilled to be approved to read this book because I love Christmas and am a kid at heart. This picture book was well written and engaging.  The illustrations were phenomenal as well.  I even enjoyed reading it as an adult.  I wish I had kids of my own so I could buy it for them, but I guess I'll have to settle for buying it for family members and friends who have kids that believe in Santa Claus.  I'd recommend this book for babies through eight years old.  Reading

Product Review: Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer, Anime-zing Color

product review morgan taylor nail polish

Last week, I decided to repaint my finger nails with Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in the color "Anime-zing Color" and OPI Nail Lacquer, "Tinsel, Tinsel 'Lil Star". I also used a different base coat and top coat than I did the first time I did my nails.

When I bought the Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer "Anime-zing Color" at Sally Beauty Supply, it looked as though it was a periwinkle blue in the store. I decided to give it a try because it was buy one, get one free. I was super excited about the color. However, when I started painting my nails, it came out much darker, and in certain lights, it almost looks navy blue. I am a bit disappointed about that, but I still like the color.

product review morgan taylor nail polish

The nice thing about about the polish is that it's a bit thicker than the OPI Nail Lacquer, so I didn't have to apply more than two coats. With that being said, I had to be more careful in applying the polish to my nails because it was very easy to glob it on, which isn't ideal. If you use the Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer, I recommend wiping the brush on the side of the nail polish bottle. Even with hand doing some housework, the nail polish has held up very well, and it has been right at week.

I'd give Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer "Anime-zing Color" four out of five stars because it's long lasting and doesn't require a lot of coats. However, I took away a star because it is easy to glob on. I look forward to trying out other colors by this brand, and I'll definitely buy more products by them. Be on the look out for The Running Bibliophile's next product review!

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