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Book Review: Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau

Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau is a coming of age novel taking place in Baltimore, Maryland. During the 1970's, fourteen year old Mary Jane is caught in the middle of her family's conservative ideals and the progressive ideals of the Cone family where she is a summer nanny. Mary Jane is a sheltered teen who enjoys cooking with her mother, listening to Broadway Show Tunes, and singing in the church choir. On the first day of work, she is shocked at the mess in the Cone's home and introduces them to home cooked meals and keeping the house clean. In return, Mary Jane gets a front row seat to sex, drugs, and rock & roll. This novel was the selected for the book club I belong to. Again, this is a novel that I likely wouldn't have chosen to read on my own, but I was glad I did. Mary Jane is the first novel I've read by Jessica Anya Blau, and I was impressed with her storytelling.  Touching on race, class, and stereotypes, along with drugs and infidelity, it reminded

Product Review: Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer, Go For The Glow

product review morgan taylor nail lacquer

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer is a great product that I discovered at Sally Beauty Supply when the sales clerk mentioned that it was buy one get one free. I purchased two bottles of the nail polish to try out. Recently, I ordered two bottles of Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer online on One of those colors is Go for the Glow.

It arrived last Friday, and I decided to try it out that night. As I started to paint my nails, I noticed the nail polish was a lot thinner than the ones I purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. I also noticed that it was a bit streaky, so it did take four coats for it to look like it should. However, each coat seemed to dry quickly, which was a plus in my book. It actually took my base coat and top coat longer to dry than the actual nail polish.

product review Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer

With that being said, I did a lot more cleaning over the weekend . . . dusting, dishes, sweeping, mopping, etc., and I found that the nail polish started wearing off a lot quicker. By the end of the night on Sunday, the nail polish had chipped off one of my nails. So, it was time to take the polish off and repaint my nails yet again.

I think that if I hadn't done so much house work, or at least worn gloves as I was doing it, that it would have held up much better. Even with all the negatives, it won't keep me from buying this brand again as I love the color, and it normally holds up much better than it did.

Five out of five stars is what I ranked Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer, Go For The Glow. I love the fact the color looked the same on my nails as it did in the bottle and online. I can't wait to try out even more of the colors they offer.

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