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Book Review: The Witches by Roald Dahl

Not too long ago, I was reminded of the movie The Witches that came out in 1990. The first time I watched the movie was when I rented it from a video store in middle school for a slumber party. I remember being completely freaked out by the movie, so much so that I made my dad watch it with me and my friends. This is very out of character for me as I have watched horror movies since the age of seven; the first horror movie being Poltergeist .  Now, I know you're probably thinking, "I thought this was a book review of the children's novel The Witches by Roald Dahl." Don't worry, it is! The reason I brought up the movie is because I had no idea that the movie was based off of a book until recently. In fact, I hadn't even heard of the author Roald Dahl. Maybe if my school librarians had been better in the two different elementary schools I attended and recommended this author, I would have become an avid reader much earlier. With that being said, I'

Book Review: The Institute by Stephen King

To say I was excited about Stephen King's newest book, The Institute , coming out last year is an understatement. However, I wasn't sure I wanted to pay full price for a brand new book, but while shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club, they were selling The Institute for under $16.00, so it was an easy decision that I should buy a copy. Although I was super excited about this book, I needed to wait a bit to read it because I was reading another of King's books. There were a few things that I loved right off about The Institute . Since most of Stephen King's books take place in the Northeast, at least that is the impression I've gotten from the books I've read by him so far, I was extremely surprised that several cities in the Southeast were mentioned. The one I loved the most was the mention of Marietta, Georgia, which is where I grew up. It's in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, so it isn't some small town, but unless you live in Georgia, you've

Book Review: The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #1) by Carolyn Keene

The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories by Carolyn Keene is a book series that my mom introduced to me in middle school. I remember falling in love with it immediately, so as part of my quest to read my way through my childhood, I had to reread it again. Of course, I started with the first book in the series, The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #1) . There were a few things that ran through my mind reading it as an adult that I know I didn't think of as a child.  Most importantly, this book was originally published in May 1930, and I didn't give it a second thought that cars were still relatively new in the United States and that it was highly unlikely that an eighteen year old would have their own car let alone a convertible. What surprised me the most is that at least the first book had been rewritten since its original publication date. So, I have purchased a copy of what is supposed to be the original story through I am hopeful that it re

Book Review: There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar

A while ago, I was browsing books on and came across the children's book There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar. Seeing this book brought back a flood of memories from middle school. This book was originally recommended to me by a friend when we were in the sixth grade and remember absolutely loving it. So, it went without saying that I had to buy this book and reread it. Not remembering much of anything, it was like reading There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom for the first time. The main character, Bradley Chalkers, is the kid that no one likes, including teachers. Other students think he's weird and a bully; teachers think he's unruly and destructive. It's actually a very heartbreaking story about a boy that is misunderstood and has distanced himself from his peers and has given up on life in general. There are so many life lessons that can be learned in this book that both children and adults can benefit from learni

52-Week Book Challenge: A More Difficult 2020 Reading Challenge by The Running Bibliophile

Do you want a book challenge that will help you read 52 books within 52 weeks? This is the book challenge that will help you with that goal. There is no order in which you need to complete this challenge as long as you finish within the 52 week time period. Good luck with our 52-Week Book Challenge: A More Difficult 2020 Reading Challenge, and Happy New Year!   52 Week Book Challenge Topics A Book Based on a Television Series A Book Turned into a Television Series A Book Turned into a Movie A Book Written by someone you've met A Book that you picked because you liked the cover A Book that makes you laugh A Book about books, bookstores, or libraries A 2019 Goodreads Nominee A 2019 Goodreads Winner Read the First Book in a series Read Book 1 in a trilogy Read Book 2 in a trilogy Read Book 3 in a trilogy A Book that starts with the letter A A Book that starts with the letter Z A Book that has a color in the title A Book that has a number in the title

2020 Reading Challenge by The Running Bibliophile

The Running Bibliophile's  2020 Reading Challenge Looking to challenge yourself in the New Year or get out of your comfort zone when it comes to books? Here are twenty ways to challenge yourself this year when it comes to reading.    A book that has been reviewed or recommended on A book published in 1920 A book published in 2020 A book published the year you were born A book that has been translated into your native language A biography or autobiography for a past or current political figure A classic that you've never read A book written by an author you've never read before  A book turned into a television show or movie  A book that is the first book in a series A book you were supposed to read in high school but didn't A book that contains one of the seasons in the title A book that contains one of the twelve months in the title Reread a favorite book A book on your "To Be Read" list A book on your "Did