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Book Review: Music From The Dead by Bebe Faas Rice

Music From The Dead by Bebe Faas Rice is a young adult horror novel originally published in April 1997.  Marnie and her cousin Peter drive up to the mansion that Marnie's father rented for the summer ahead of her father.  When the cousins arrive at the mansion called Stonycraig and settle in, Marnie is nervous because she thought she saw a shadow in one of the windows.  Then, she starts hearing a woman crying late at night.  Are the stories about Stonycraig being haunted true? This is a book I originally read as a teenager, and I remember being impressed by the storyline and writing.  I recently decided to reread it as an adult to see if it was as good as I remembered.  I have to say it was phenomenal.  Well-written and unputdownable.   Even though there were parts that came back to me as I made my way through Music From The Dead , I still found it to be perfectly eerie and creepy.  There was even a little bit of romance but nothing inappropriate for a tween or teen.  The only com

Book Review: The Model Spy by Maryka Biaggio

book review the model spy maryka biaggio

The Model Spy by Maryka Biaggio is based on the true story of Toto Koopman, model turned spy. As a spy for the British Intelligence Service, Toto was part of the Italian Resistance in World War Two and had to face off with the German Intelligence Service.

A big thanks goes out to NetGalley and Milford House Press for the digital Advanced Readers Copy of The Model Spy by Maryka Biaggio. I was honored to be selected to read this book ahead of publication.

Not knowing anything about Toto Koopman before reading this book, I was in awe and shock to learn about her life. Even though the subject matter is difficult, this account of Toto's work in the Italian Resistance was a compelling read, and I was eager to finish The Model Spy to find out the fate of this courageous woman.

This historical fiction novel definitely gave me a different look into WWII that I never learned about in school. Everyone knows about Anne Frank thanks to her diary being published, and it's an important read, but I think the story of Toto Koopman is just as important. I definitely think The Model Spy should be required reading for high school students. Five out of five stars is what I give The Model Spy by Maryka Biaggio.


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