Book Review: Welcome Home, Caroline Kline by Courtney Preiss

Welcome Home, Caroline Kline by Courtney Preiss opens with Caroline Kline couch surfing in New York City due to her no longer having a job and her fiance breaking up with her. The cherry on top is when Caroline finds out her father is not doing well and has to go home to New Jersey to help out. She finds one thing she didn't expect . . . true love. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of Welcome Home, Caroline Kline from NetGalley for free in exchange for my honest review.  The synopsis of this book was intriguing, and I absolutely love baseball, so I couldn't wait to dig in to this story. Unfortunately, the story started off a bit slow and continued to be slow at points throughout the book. The slowness of the plot made it difficult to stay interested in the characters and their fate.  At one point, I didn't really care if I finished the story or not. With that being said, I'm glad I stuck with the book because the last 15% of Welcome Home, Caroline Kline started to

Book Review: Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire, #1) by Kate Darroch

Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire, #1) by Kate Darroch is a story of a teacher named Màiri Maguire who is vacationing in Paris when her accompanying friend, Lianne, is accused of murder. Working with Major Ellis Peverel, together they try to prove Lianne's innocence.

A big thank you goes out to NetGalley and Kate Darroch for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of  Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire, #1). It's an honor to be able to be selected to read this book.

This fast paced cozy mystery was a fun, entertaining read that would translate well into a film. I loved that there wasn't anything too gory in the story and that there wasn't any cursing for the sake of cursing. 

At first, the novel was a bit slow, and I had a bit of trouble of wrapping my head around the characters and their relationships to each other. However, the book picked up quickly, and I was able to sort out the relationships after a couple of chapters. There were some slang words I wasn't familiar with, but it didn't detract from the story too much.

I'll definitely give the second book in this series a go because I enjoyed Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire, #1) well enough to continue reading the next book. I also liked reading about so many of the places in Paris, France that I visited when I was there many years ago. Three out of five stars is what I give Death in Paris (Màiri Maguire, #1) by Kate Darroch.

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