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Book Review: Witch Upon A Star (Witch Way Librarian Mysteries, #4) by Angela M. Sanders

Witch Upon A Star (Witch Way Librarian Mysteries, #4) by Angela M. Sanders was published May 23, 2023 by Kensington Books.  Josie is excited to have her sister Jean come visit her in Wilfred, Oregon.  However, Josie isn't quite as happy for the reason . . . Jean is attending a workshop to become a certified life coach.  When two people associated with the workshop are found murdered, and Jean is threatened, Josie sticks her nose into the investigation. A big thank you goes out to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Witch Upon A Star (Witch Way Librarian Mysteries, #4) by Angela M. Sanders.  I was happy to be approved to receive this book for free in exchange for my honest review.  After reading this book, I'm now a fan of the author and can't wait to read the first three books in the series or for the next installment to come out. I was pleasantly surprised that the story was so well written and engaging.  At times, it played like a movie

Book Review: The Enigma of Room 622 by Joël Dicker

The Enigma of Room 622 by book review of the enigma of room 622 joël dickerJoël Dicker is a Swiss book that has been translated into English for American audiences, and the expected publication date is September 13, 2022.  The book is about a writer who decides to vacation in the Swiss Alps and stays at the Palace of Verbier where a murder happened several years before and was covered up.  The author stumbles upon the crime and decides to uncover the truth behind room 622.

I'd like to thank NetGalley and HarperVia for the digital copy of the Advanced Readers Copy of The Enigma of Room 622 by Joël Dicker in exchange for my honest review.  I was excited to be selected to review this book ahead of its release in the United States.

Let me begin by saying I had high hopes for Joël Dicker's The Enigma of Room 622, but I found it to be a bit too convoluted and long for my taste.  It could have easily been shorter and still gotten the same point across.  There were times when the transitions between past and present felt a little off, and my interest in the storyline would wane.  Don't get me wrong though, I did enjoy the story quite a bit.

This novel seemed to be somewhat semi-autobiographical with the author using his recently deceased publisher in the story, and the main character is an author having trouble coming up with a storyline after the death of the publisher.  I'd be interested to see if anyone else felt the same way.

I also have to mention that there were quite a few words that I had to look up in a dictionary as I had never heard of those words used in common language, or for that matter, in any other books I've read.  These words included fecundity, anodyne, bis, and attenuating.  I'm all for using synonyms for words, but I don't particularly like it when a word that isn't commonly spoken is utilized when a different, more common word would have sufficed.

All in all, I enjoyed The Enigma of Room 622 by Joël Dicker and didn't see the end coming.  I gave this book three out of five stars and will definitely read some of the author's other works.

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