Book Review: There Are No Dragons In This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner

There Are No Dragons In This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner is a children's book where kids look to make sure there are no dragons in the book.  The expected publication date is March 5, 2024.  I'd like to thank NetGalley for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of this book. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in this picture book.  I didn't care for the story, and it's not something I would likely read to a child.  I also didn't like that the story actually did have dragons in it only because I feel like a child might be upset that they were mislead.  However, I'm not the target audience, so kids may love it. On a positive note, I did enjoy the colorful illustrations.  It definitely gives the reader a lot to look at.  Three out of five stars is what I gave There Are No Dragons In This Book by Donna Lambo-Weidner. Follow Us On Social Media

Book Review: Berry the Evidence (Cranberry Cove, #7) by Peg Cochran

book review berry the evidence cranberry cove peg cochran

Berry the Evidence (Cranberry Cove, #7) by Peg Cochran takes place in Cranberry Cove, where it's autumn.  Things start to get toasty when Monica's stepmom, Gina, arrives at her house and is frantic.  Gina had fallen asleep in her realtor's car.  When she woke up, Rip was dead from a gunshot, and Gina refuses to go to the police.  Monica decides to investigate in hopes of keeping her stepmom safe.

A big thank you goes out to NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing for the Advanced Readers Copy of Berry the Evidence (Cranberry Cove, #7) by Peg Cochran.  I was happy to receive this ebook for free in exchange for my honest review.

I wasn't familiar with the author, Peg Cochran, prior to reading Berry the Evidence, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  The novel was well written and paced perfectly.  I felt like I was right there in the town as I read the book.  Although it's the seventh book in the series, Berry the Evidence can be read as a stand alone.

The majority of the characters were extremely likable.  The only exception to that was Janice who was overbearing with her know it all attitude and pregnancy myths.  With that being said, the people that lived in Cranberry Cove seemed to have such a great community, and I'd love to live there and be friends with several of the characters.

There really isn't anything negative I can say about Berry the Evidence except that it seemed like Monica was constantly taking her dog for a walk.  I kept expecting a plot twist on one of these walks, but there wasn't any.

Overall, I really enjoyed Berry the Evidence (Cranberry Cove, #7) by Peg Cochran.  It was exactly what I needed to read . . . light and fun.  I give it four out of five stars, and I look forward to reading all the books that came before this one in the series.

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