Book Review: Finlay Donovan Rolls The Dice (Finlay Donovan, #4) by Elle Cosimano

Finlay Donovan Rolls The Dice (Finlay Donovan, #4)  by Elle Cosimano opens with Finlay Donovan and her nanny, Vero, planning a trip to Atlantic City to pay off some debts, find Javi, and retrieve a stolen car.  But first, they come up with a cover story that backfires miserably.  Finlay and Vero have to be clever and sneaky to accomplish what they set out to do, but will they have to come clean? Thank you, NetGalley, for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Finlay Donovan Rolls The Dice (Finlay Donovan, #4) by Elle Cosimano.  This is one of the books I was most excited about being able to read before it was in stores.  I received the eBook for free in exchange for my honest review. The fourth installment picks up where the last book ended and ties up the loose ends from Finlay Donovan Knocks Them Dead (Finlay Donovan, #3)  . . . so much so that I thought that this was going to be the last book in the series.  However, Finlay Donovan Rolls The Dice ends up having a couple of cliffhangers,

Book Review: The Wrong Good Deed by Caroline B. Cooney

book review the wrong good deed caroline b cooney

The Wrong Good Deed by Caroline B. Cooney falls into the category of Women's Fiction but could also be considered a mystery and has an expected publication date of May 2, 2023.  Poisoned Pen Press is the publisher.  This story opens with Clemmie and her friend Muffin attending church when Muffin sees someone from her past and drags Clemmie out of the service.  Clemmie is a bit irritated, but when Muffin begins telling the story of her past, Clemmie realizes she isn't the only one who has dark secrets.

A big thank you to NetGalley for the Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of The Wrong Good Deed by Caroline B. Cooney. I was thrilled to learn that my request to read this book was approved in exchange for my honest review. Caroline B. Cooney was an author whose books I enjoyed immensely as a tween and teen, and I was delighted to learn she wrote adult novels as well.

It seems as though The Wrong Good Deed is a sequel to another novel by Caroline B. Cooney called Before She Was Helen. I haven't read that book yet, but it is on my list of books to read because it would explain the background of the main character of The Wrong Good Deed. Where as this book can be read as a stand alone book, it would have been that much better had I read the other book first!

I enjoyed the flashbacks to the 1960's and was shocked at the small Southern town's reaction to desegregation. Even though this is a work of fiction it gave me insight to how people reacted back then and how some of them had regrets about their actions or lack thereof. Not being alive during this time period, I can't fathom what it was like to live then except for reading about it. It made my heart break. I don't have any complaints about this story.

Well-written, engrossing, and heartbreaking, The Wrong Good Deed by Caroline B. Cooney gives the reader a glimpse into history that has one on the edge of their seat. Five out of five stars.

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